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Watercress Lane Duck Eggs are one of the UK’s leading producers of Duck Eggs and are setting the standard in safety, quality and traceability. Housing over 30 thousand Pekin Ducks, producing more than 7.5 million eggs each year. The birds have the utmost care and attention ensuring that the eggs they produce are of the highest quality. The on site Hatchery follows standards set out by RSPCA Assured (formerly Freedom Food) and Red Tractor and assessments are underway for BRC accreditation showing the commitment to achieving outstanding quality and service.


Watercress Lane Duck Eggs has been in business for over ten years. The company is based in Matishall just outside of Norwich. The farm is primarily a Hatchery.


We have introduced our Blue Duck as a mark of guarantee to the end user. A Blue Duck egg undergoes a different process to any other duck egg, and as a result will be safe, fully traceable, labelled with lay dates and best before dates, quality marked, fresh and naturally delicious.


Duck Eggs can be used in all cooking activities in the same way as hen eggs. With a fuller, richer flavour the results are outstanding. They are as straightforward to use as any other egg but will add an extra sparkle to your meals.

Become a Stockist

Watercress Lane Duck Eggs are striving to make our eggs available to all and are working with many food suppliers and retailers around the UK to do this. Eggs are available in a number of packaging styles to suit not only shop floors and the general public but also the catering and service industry. Already a number of Food Wholesalers, egg suppliers, Food Stores and retailers stock them but if you wish to do so yourselves please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

Peace of Mind

Blue Duck Franchising Ltd.

Having identified that there is a lack of legislation and guidance for the production of safe duck eggs we have designed and produced our own scheme to provide peace of mind and consumer knowledge when purchasing duck eggs. Our ‘Blue Duck’ logo represents safety, quality, high animal welfare and knowledge. We suggest that you always look for the ‘Blue Duck’.

With the great British public enjoying more and more duck eggs we want to make sure that Watercress Lane Duck Eggs are available to all. To help us achieve this we have designed a franchise program to assist in the forming, starting and running of a Duck Egg production site as we do. You would be joining a brand that is growing rapidly and would benefit from all of the positives that owning a franchise and being your own boss provides. ‘Blue Duck Franchising Ltd.’ looks after all the companies activities in this area.

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Watercress Lane Duck Eggs Mattishall, Dereham, Norfolk, NR20 3RJ  Tel: 01362 850254