Our Story

Where It All Began

Watercress Lane Duck Eggs has over 30 years of experience in duck farming, and has continued its growth whilst maintaining its family values and heritage. Based in Mattishall just outside of Norwich, the main farm site was primarily a Hatchery (Burwell Hatchery) which has been trading since 1982.

Around 12 years ago the business began to explore other avenues in Duck farming and becoming aware of the growing trends in specialist foods and their provenance and so the business began to produce eggs solely for human consumption. Watercress Lane Duck Eggs was the result.

Maintaining Standards

The welfare and care of each and every duck is one of the key aspects in the production. Only a healthy and happy bird will produce the quality of egg required and all policies and practices are focused around extremely high standards of animal welfare. By working with the Veterinary practice these standards are continuously monitored to ensure that the birds thrive in an environment they require.

Watercress Lane Duck Eggs recognises that staff training is vital to the continued growth and success and work to support as many members of staff through various training schemes using the British Poultry Passport Scheme. From poultry management, Health and Safety, Animal Welfare, transportation, Pest control, food safety and many more. This allows not only the business to remain current but also gives greater career opportunities and further recognised education to all team.

Recognised schemes and accreditation are another area in which Watercress Lane Duck Eggs continue to explore. Due to Duck Eggs being a small percentage of the egg sector there are limited organisations supporting it but where possible they are reviewed and implemented. The Hatchery uses Freedom Food and Red Tractor guidance whilst the egg production is subject to the Food Standards Agency and closely follows welfare standards set by the RSPCA. The Lion Code is not available for Duck eggs but the ‘Blue Duck Scheme’ created by Watercress Lane Duck Eggs uses many key elements of the well know hen egg coding.

Being leaders in the sector the company is now looking to work with many of the accreditors and organisations to start tailoring the policies and practices to enable Duck Eggs to be recognised and monitored to ensure that they too are produced under standards that are high in welfare and safe to consumers.