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Did you know.....Drakes are the ducks with the curly tail.

About Watercress Lane Duck Eggs

Watercress Lane Duck Eggs has been in business for over two years and the company is based in Matishall just outside of Norwich. The farm is primarily a Hatchery (Burwell) and has been trading for many years, though due to liquidation of its largest client there was an immediate need to find another avenue for the 1000's of, suddenly, surplus eggs. Watercress Lane Duck Eggs was the result.

We take great pride in the welfare and care of each and every duck, after all they are very important members of staff. We also try extremely hard to support our local community and many of our 35 plus human team members are from the village of Mattishall and the local area. Staff training is important to us and we aim to assist and support as many members of staff through various training schemes, from poultry management, Health and Safety, Animal Welfare, transportation, Pest control and many more. With their expertise they form a skilful and knowledgeable team. Recognised plans and schemes as well as accreditation are something we strive to attain. With a full and working HACCP plan in position along with health and safety management, continuing risk assessments, comprehensive procedures manuals for both the Hatchery and the Egg Production and a Salsa scheme underway we continue to increase the safety of our product.

'Tastes of Anglia', 'Produced in Norfolk' and 'The Guild of Fine Food' have also recognised our commitments and we are proud to be associated with them. When all the visitors have graced our farm leave with a beaming smile and spring in their step we know we are getting it right. 'The ducks are so happy' is the most common quote and that is what we work so hard to achieve. A happy and content duck will produce a beautiful and delicious egg.