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British Egg Week

British egg week will soon be here and what better time to try something new. Surprisingly there are still many of the great British public who have not sampled the delights of duck eggs and we are urging you to take this opportunity to do so. Though we would also like to point out that this is also a time to be conscious of which eggs you are purchasing. Welfare of the birds and safety of the eggs are things to very mindful of and we therefore re-emphasise our motto to ‘Look for the Blue Duck'.

Duck eggs have a fuller flavour than hen eggs and have the ability to enhance your recipes. Top chefs have also seen how the duck egg improves their meals and have be stunning their dinners with dishes devoted to Duck Eggs. With Watercress Lane supplying many stores, deli's and farm shops across the UK, the opportunity for you to do the same is there.

If you are more of a baker than a cook then you too can benefit from the use of our eggs. Sponges, scones, cakes and muffins can all achieve better standards by simply utilising duck eggs instead of hens. Some bakers have been using duck eggs for some time know and have been enjoying cakes that rise higher, sponges that are more fluffy and other results that are simply far tastier!

So, from the 10th to the 16th of October why not give our Duck Eggs a chance and see what difference they can make to your meals, we are positive that you will love them!

There are some tantalisingly tasty recipes to be found on our recipe page and also a list of local stockist on the supplier page.