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Holt! Who goes there?

At the end of British Egg Week running from the 4th Oct, Watercress Lane Duck Eggs attended another tasting event, held at the Budgens Store in Holt. The intentions were to inform and educate members of the public about our beautiful eggs and to ensure they were aware that they are now available in store.

With a display area set up at the deli end of the store we were able to attract the attention of many shoppers on Saturday the 9th Oct. Again we provided the opportunity to sample some delicious foods made with our own eggs ranging from the much loved Portuguese Custard Tarts, salmon and spring onion quiche and also more of the eye catching buns kindly provided by Emma at Buns of Fun.

There was a steady flow of visitors throughout the day and all were enjoying the samples on offer. With yet more of the Norfolk public realising that Duck Eggs can be used in the same way as hen eggs but giving a richer more flavoured result the day was another successful event. Our Eggs will continue to be available at the Budgens branch and have their own purposely designed stand with our recipe cards attached for those who wish to collect them.

Watercress Lane would like to thank all of the staff at Budgens of Holt and also Emma at Buns of Fun for their help in the event.