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A worth while cause!

Sunday the 4th of September was the day that Watercress Lane FC played their first competitive football match, and it was all for a great cause. With large numbers of supporters and full strength squad this was the start of hopefully many more games to come!

It came to the attention of the staff that two members of the team were to hold a motor cycle rally in order to raise funds for Blake. He is a 3 year old boy that was born 10 weeks early and due to this suffers from Spastic Diplegic Cerebal Palsy. Blake is unable to walk without a frame and needs splints to keep his muscles stretched in his legs. An operation is available in America to help Blake but this is an expensive procedure and his family need as much help as possible to help make his dreams come true and enable him to walk by himself. With Andy Culyer and Trevor Burrell doing their best to raise money and attention for Blake 's cause on their motor bikes we decided it would be great if more of us could do the same. Another member of our team, Andrew Cannell, had been trying hard to arrange a football match between his team, Cannell FC and other members of the Watercress Lane staff, and it seemed fitting that we should now hold this match in order to try and generate more cash for brave little Blake.

The match took place at Toftwood Football Pitch which they kindly allowed us to use at no charge, and with the teams duly warmed up and fit to play kick off commenced. Watercress Lane FC started strong and had the best of the first half scoring 3 goals. But just before the break Andrew slipped through the back line to beat the Watercress Lane FC keeper and pull 1 back for his team. The second half took at more light hearted theme and the play became more open. Cannell FC made use of this and fired 3 more into the back of the net. Watercress Lane FC managed to stay in front the whole time though and the final score finished 8-4 to Watercress Lane FC. Some fine and notable performances seen and a very well played match in skill and fairness by both teams.

The players all contributed towards the charity and with the directors at Watercress Lane Duck Eggs sponsoring the match to the tune of £10 per goal a total of £170 was raised. This coupled together with the fantastic motor bike total of £1030, saw that a brilliant amount was sent to little Blake. Congratulations to all that got involved and special thanks to Andy Cullier, Trevor Burrell and the other members of the motor bike rally, Andrew Cannell for organizing the match and to the players. Hopefully this can be the start of more matches and events as this was clearly enjoyed by all.

Blake would love to walk on his own but needs an operation in America to help his dream come true but this is extreamely expensive. Should you wish to raise funds for him then please visit or contact