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We are all For-um

As part of the Norfolk Food Festival running through out the month of September, the Norwich Forum is holding a tasting event to enable the public to sample the food delights that are produced on their home soil. Watercress Lane Duck Eggs are pleased to be one of those producers.

Visiters will be able to come and enjoy a sample of scrambled duck egg, freshly prepeired on site, or maybe see what difference duck eggs bring to baking by trying a localy produced cup cake made with our eggs. We will have recipe cards available to take away and duck eggs to purchase. You will also be able to ask about the ducks, the eggs or the 'blue duck' scheme we have introduced.


The tasting event will be held on Saturday the 25th September at the iconic Forum in Norwich city centre. All are welcome to come sample our delicious eggs and learn more about how they can be used and enjoyed in your everyday meals.