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We are on TV!

Our hard work is beginning to pay off!! On Tuesday the 5th July 2011 at 11am we will be featured on an episode of Food Fighters shown on BBC 1. Alongside the celebrity chef Simon Rimmer was our own managing director Melandy Daniels presenting the outstanding achievements we have made here.

It was back in May when the film crew, director and Simon visited the farm. The television company had discovered what we have been doing and felt that our story would fit well on a programme all about food safety! Simon, Melandy and the crew duly donned their wellington boots and headed off to the barns for a few hours of filming.

In a matter of only a few short years, our Norfolk based business has become the leading supplier of duck eggs in the UK and we have not done it the easy way. Instead we have taken an unprecedented approach by introducing industry standards where none currently exist. Bacteria, especially Salmonella, continue to present a potential health problem in eggs, and in particular, duck eggs. In the interests of consumer health & safety, DEFRA, it appears, are looking at only a basic voluntary scheme but Watercress Lane do not believe this to be in the best interests of the public.

Stringent measures to minimise this problem along with a means by which to date and trace our eggs to their origin not only sees Watercress Lane taking pre-emptive action in the interests of consumer health & safety but also puts us in a good position to provide continuity of supply should ever there be concerns.

With these processes in mind and our priorities being public safety, Simon and his team were thrilled with the days filming and we enjoyed their visit as much as Simon enjoyed his fried egg!

If you miss the show we will be posting the video here on our website very soon.