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We are on the telly.........again!

Tuesday the 30th of September began as any normal day at Watercress Lane. Eggs were collected, birds were cared for, cleaning was in action and eggs were graded and printed. The only thing that was different was the air of excitement, for on this Tuesday we would see another celebrity chef walk the barns of our farm.

James Martin and the BBC film crew arrived early afternoon and were eagerly greeted by the team and farm managers. After their vehicles and boots had been thoroughly cleansed they were ushered in and introductions were made. James was here to film for another BBC programme, The Great British Food Revival, which see’s celebrity chefs take on a food type that has been lost in time. The chefs visit manufactures and producers of these foods and then using the products they have seen and their masterful culinary skills show viewers why these foods should be used more frequently. James had the wonderful task of reviving the Duck Egg, and with the programmes researchers learning of our ‘above requirement’ approach, duly made his way to Norfolk to learn more about us.

Filming took place throughout most of the farm with lots of footage of our happy, healthy ducks in their clean, safe environments. Likewise the printing, cleaning and grading of our eggs was also of much interest and with Melandy, our director, answering all of James’s questions as they went along it was clear that they all could see why we take the approach that we do. The programme is going to be yet another success in informing the great British public of our fully traceable, safe and fresh eggs.

James and the team spent around 4 hours with us filming and taking photo’s and clearly enjoyed a short break when we presented them with some Watercress Lane cupcakes topped with mini ducks, eggs and our logo that had kindly been provided to us by Sweet Little Treats. James was quick to finish his and sent is approval to the chef! The day was a truly memorable one and with a very friendly film team and a ‘down to earth’ James, a great time was had.

The BBC are due to air the programme in November and a recipe book will be accompanying the series detailing all of the places visited and the recipes designed and cooked by the celebrity chefs. We will obviously let you all know when this is to take place.