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Did you know...Ducks, when young, lay eggs with 2 yolks...sometimes even 3!!


Duck Eggs News & Events

Watercress Lane Duck Eggs at the Game and Country Fair

Come and visit Watercress Lane Duck Eggs at the Game & Country Fair 2012, and meet some of the ducklings that will grow on to produce our wonderfull duck eggs.



Charity Football Match

Sunday the 4th of September was the day that Watercress Lane FC played their first competitive football match, and it was all for a great cause. With large numbers of supporters and full strength squad this was the start of hopefully many more games to come!





James Martin comes to visit!

Tuesday the 30th of September began as any normal day at Watercress Lane. Eggs were collected, birds were cared for, cleaning was in action and eggs were graded and printed.





British Egg Week

British egg week will soon be here and what time to try something new!



Star 11's Progress

6 Weeks since Star 11's hatching. Click the link above to read about Star 11's progress.






New Stars of the show!

Today it was time for another new flock to be hatched and at around 5:30 on the morning of July the 6th the Star 11's flock entered the world.



We are tweeting....or are we quacking?

Watercress Lane Duck Eggs have joined the ever popular community of Tweeters, though we like to think we will be Quacking! Follow us on Twitter to get information on activities at the farm, duckling information, product news and much more. Simply click on the link above or search for us @WatercressLane.



We are on TV!

Our hard work is beginning to pay off!! On Tuesday the 5th July 2011 at 11am we will be featured on an episode of Food Fighters shown on BBC 1. Alongside the celebrity chef Simon Rimmer was our own managing director Melandy Daniels presenting the outstanding achievements we have made here.


Holt! Who goes there?

At the end of British Egg Week running from the 4th Oct, Watercress Lane Duck Eggs attended another tasting event held at the Budgens Store in Holt.



Scone but not forgotten

On the 26th September 2010 Watercress Lane Duck eggs held a tasting day at the Wroxham Barns scone competition and what a day it turned out to be.



Forum Frenzie

As part of the Norfolk Food Festival Watercress Lane Duck Eggs attended the tasting event held at the Forum Norwich on Saturday the 25th Sept 2010.


Winners but not Champions

After a long and exciting build up the EDP Food Awards came to a close on Wednesday evening. Watercress lane made it through to the final three were invited to the awards ceremony at the Holiday Inn.



We are all for-um

As part of the Norfolk Food Festival through out the month of September, Watercress Lane Duck Eggs are joining other local producers at a tasting event at the Forum in Norwich.


Scone to be a chance to try Duck Eggs

Watercress Lane Duck Eggs are going to apear at the Wroxham Barns Scone competition day on the 26th September.



Watercress Lane Duck Eggs are ship shape for P&O Cruises

Duck eggs will be on the menus of some of the most luxurious passenger ships in the world after Watercress Lane won a contract to supply Britain's leading cruise line.