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Did you know...Duck eggs can be used in all the same ways as a hen egg!

Duck Egg Recipes

Duck Eggs can be used in all cooking activities in the same way as hen eggs. With a fuller, richer flavour the results are outstanding. They are as straightforward to use as any other egg but will add an extra sparkle to your meals.

To inspire our customers, Watercress Lane have published a set of stylish recipe cards to show how our delicious product can so easily be turned into a mouth-watering gourmet dish.

The easy-to-follow recipes demonstrate that some foods, such as cakes, pavlovas and custards, are tastier and better results are achieved, while the fresh full flavour of duck eggs makes more ambitious combinations such as seasonal asparagus, goats cheese or, for the more adventurous, smoked eel, an incomparable flavour experience. We are always looking to find new and exciting recipes that make full use of the wonderful flavour of duck eggs, and with more celebrity chefs creating dishes with them we will continue to update this page with mouth watering meals for you to try.



Duck egg pavlova with cream and summer fruits





Portugese duck egg custard tarts





Scrambled duck eggs with smoked eel





Broccoli soup with duck egg, goats cheese and parmesan chips






Baked duck egg with chorizo, piquillo peppers and asparagus