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Star 11's Progress

Well it has now been 6 weeks since our Star 11's hatched. They moved into our rearing pens and have settled in nicely.

After our last update they have seen many things, the main one being our staff coming and going tending to their needs. Three times a week they have fresh straw spread throughout their pen to ensure they are as comfortable as possible and that their living quarters is as clean as can be.

They have also been tucking into a special diet for young ducks designed to help them become healthy, strong layers. This food is carefully sourced and is produced to keep them as healthy as possible; giving them all the vitamins and minerals they need at this age.

Water is the most important thing for ducks. Our young layers have been learning to use their drinking bells so as they can digest their special food. Without water ducks are unable to do this so a fresh, constant supply is required.

It is through their water system that they have received the first two of their five vaccinations. These vaccinations are vital to insure that their eggs will be as free from infections as possible. The first three of the vaccinations are a live vaccine and are given to the ducks at 2, 6, and 12 weeks. The other two are given at 14 and 18 weeks but will be of a different variety.

As you can see they are growing up to be healthy, happy birds, which is a vital of what we achieve here and with these small insights into our processes we hope you are gaining further knowledge into the reasons why our eggs are as safe and perfect as possible.

Next time we will see how they are when they move into the laying barns and begin to produce our beautiful eggs.