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Look for the ' Blue Duck ' 

Due to there being no requirements or guide lines set out by the Food Standards Agency for the production and supply of Duck Eggs we have realised that there is a fundamental need for consumer information and reassurance when they come to purchase.

In light of the Lion Mark used in the Hen egg industry, we have introduced our Blue Duck logo as a mark of guarantee to the end user. A Blue Duck egg undergoes a different process to any other duck egg, and as a result will be safe, fully traceable, labelled with lay dates and best before dates, quality marked, fresh and naturally delicious.

Our Eggs are hand collected by our team every single morning, 365 days of the year. The team are very aware of all the hygiene requirements and follow the hand washing, protective clothing requirements and boot changes we enforce. When the eggs are collected they are taken to our special wash room where they get a gentle wash to remove all the unwanted dirt. The Blue Duck egg is NOT bleached, a ducks egg is not naturally brilliant white. When an egg is bleached it removes the natural wax coating that the duck has placed around the egg to keep it safe from infection and disease, our eggs are as nature intended and with only a gentle wash we leave the wax coating on.

After they have been cleaned they then have a short dry off time in our temperature controlled drying room. By keeping this room cool we maintain the ideal settings for the egg. Once dry they move through to the grading room where each egg is candled. This is a process where we look inside each egg to check for abnormalities and blood spots. Each egg is held under a spot light to enable us to see through the shell to the inside. When they are given the all clear they travel through to be printed. The eggs will then be passed under the specially designed print head and a picture of the Blue Duck, a lay date, a best before date and a batch number is printed on the egg in clear, bold, blue food grade ink.

Getting gently placed into our specially designed egg boxes and awaiting the departure in another temperature controlled store room, marks the end of the journey around the farm for our eggs. They will normally leave the store room the day after being laid to travel around the country to end on a plate for a genuinely lucky customer. Every month a sample of our eggs has a visit to the vets to be tested for any infections, again a process which is not a legal requirement but something we realise is imperative in keeping our product safe and perfect.

It is vitally important for everyone to know where their food has come from and exactly how fresh and safe it is. We know that with the information we provide that there are no questions left that need answering when a box or tray of our eggs is purchased. Date of lay and best before is clear to see and with the 'Blue Duck' image there is obvious reassurance that the birds themselves have the highest of care and the eggs are as safe as can be.